Territory of Company

The company owns an industrial log depot situated in Verkhneketskiy District. The depot is equipped with crane equipment for stocking tree-length wood coming in from the forest depots (four felling areas), processing it, and loading.

Unloading of tree-length wood The industrial log depot territoryThe infrastructure of the industrial log depot is well-developed and connected to the Ket river by means of an access duct. The duct is equipped with two high capacity KM 30 cranes for lifting bundles of timber weighing up to 30 tons at a time (35 cubic meters).

Since the Company possesses its own water transport, it is able to transport timber down the river during summer when all the winter roads are closed. This provides an opportunity to continue cutting and sawing timber all the year round. Timber can be transported as tree-length wood floats and as short-cut wood on barges.

Tree-length wood transporting boatTowage of a timber float

The access duct      Wheel-lifting of tree-length wood