Technics companies

The company regularly renews the logging and timber-carrying machinery. In the year 2008, a felling machine and two John Deere skidders produced in the USA were purchased and put into operation. In January 2011 we purchased a timber loader based on a Doosan crawler-mounted excavator produced in Korea with the productive capacity of 500 cubic meters of tree-length wood per a shift. The companies own a sufficient stock of timber-carrying machinery allowing them to transport timber both as tree-length wood and short-cut wood. In 2008-2009, the company made a reconstruction of the sawing workshop. A new MS MASCHINENBAU timber sawing line produced in Germany was purchased and put into operation. It allows producing approximately 200 cubic meters of high quality square edged timber per a shift. A modern SAB PSP chipper-canter line allows producing timber with highly accurate geometrics. The productive capacity of the line is from 250 to 350 cubic meters of square edged timber per a shift, depending on the diameter of logs being processed.

A John Deere felling machine  A John Deere skidder The Doosan crawler-mounted excavator  KAMAZ timber carriers   The MS MASCHINENBAU sawing line