About company

The business which has united timber and trade enterprises was founded in February 1998, when a decision to revive Beloyarskiy LPK, JSC, was made. Beloyarskiy LPK served as the basis for founding Verkhneketskiy LPK, JSC, in 1999 and, in 2002, the manufacturing enterprise Tomskiy dom, LLC, which started with the production of round logs and, in 2010, began to process timber and produce high quality square edged timber. The year 2011 witnessed the foundation of TomskTimberProduction, LLC, and SBS LLC, both of which own production grounds and timber cutting and sawing equipment.

Our group of companies holds the leading position among timber enterprises in Tomsk region. Our long-term experience of work in the market and the team of highly qualified professionals enabled us to make competent decisions aimed at the successful development of the business.

The timber logging is carried out in the framework of a lease contract valid until 2060 and takes place at woodlots of approximately 330,000 hectares with the average annual volume of forest use of 460,000 cubic meters.

Forest resources

The timber logging units of Katayginskiy forestry enterprise host the production of high quality cedar and Angarsk pine timber which provides three cuts of merchantable wood from the entire tree length. With the purchase of a Ponsse timber logging set (a forwarder and a harvester), it has become possible to transport already merchantable wood to the industrial log depot.

Timber logging unit (felling))


Timber logging unit (logging)











The timber logging set Ponsse











Front-end loader

The company owns an industrial log depot situated in Verkhneketskiy District. The depot is equipped with crane equipment for stocking tree-length wood coming in from the forest depots (four felling areas), processing it, and loading.

Unloading of tree-length wood

The industrial log depot territory

The infrastructure of the industrial log depot is well-developed and connected to the Ket river by means of an access duct. The duct is equipped with two high capacity KM 30 cranes for lifting bundles of timber weighing up to 30 tons at a time (35 cubic meters).

The access duct

Wheel-lifting of tree-length wood

Since the Company possesses its own water transport, it is able to transport timber down the river during summer when all the winter roads are closed. This provides an opportunity to continue cutting and sawing timber all the year round. Timber can be transported as tree-length wood floats and as short-cut wood on barges.

Tree-length wood transporting boat

Towage of a timber float

The company regularly renews the logging and timber-carrying machinery. In the year 2008, a felling machine and two John Deere skidders produced in the USA were purchased and put into operation.

A John Deere felling machine

A John Deere skidder

In January 2011 we purchased a timber loader based on a Doosan crawler-mounted excavator produced in Korea with the productive capacity of 500 cubic meters of tree-length wood per a shift.

The Doosan crawler-mounted excavator

The companies own a sufficient stock of timber-carrying machinery allowing them to transport timber both as tree-length wood and short-cut wood.

KAMAZ timber carriers

KAMAZ short log trucks

In 2008-2009, the company made a reconstruction of the sawing workshop. A new MS MASCHINENBAU timber sawing line produced in Germany was purchased and put into operation. It allows producing approximately 200 cubic meters of high quality square edged timber per a shift.

A modern SAB PSP chipper-canter line allows producing timber with highly accurate geometrics. The productive capacity of the line is from 250 to 350 cubic meters of square edged timber per a shift, depending on the diameter of logs being processed.

The MS MASCHINENBAU sawing line


The finished product, such as edged timber, squared timber of various sections, round logs, and longwood for mining purposes, is delivered to customers by means of rail transportation. The main consumers of the company's products are situated in Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and China.

Finished products (edged timber)


Finished products (squared timber)


Finished products (round logs)

Finished products (the birch)

The availability of a well-developed network of railroads and the fact that the company owns a locomotive allow a prompt delivery of railway vehicles to the loading point. This also enables a simultaneous loading of products at several loading points.

A loading point

Loaded wagons